2P-10 Solo Kit


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2P-10 Solo Kit


SKU 2P-10 Category


2P-10 Solo Kit

The 2P-10 Solo Kit contains 2 oz. 2P-10 Thick Adhesive and 12 oz. Activator. 2P-10 is a two-part ten-second adhesive. Just apply the adhesive, then spray the activator and stick it together.


On what types of surfaces can I use 2P-10?

2P-10 can be used on any material as long as it is clean and the surface is well prepared. The surface should be clean, with no oil, and slightly etched so the glue can bite more effectively. It should not be used in lieu of a weld on metal, but it is very effective for tacking, to hold a piece in place.


How does 2P-10 stand up in a wet environment like on a boat. Can it be submerged in water?

All of our 2P-10 products are able to be submerged in water, but the adhesive must be completely bonded and DRY beforehand. All of our adhesives would work fine within a boat setting if applied correctly. You must make sure that both surfaces are dry and clear of debris before application and we also recommend that you use our 2p-10 activator to speed up the cure time.

Is there a product that will delay the bonding of the 2P-10 to allow more open time when gluing two sheets of glass together?

The 2P-10 Jel has a longer open time, up to about a 1/2 hour. If your using the thick or medium, it about 10-15 minutes. We have nothing to delay the open time but you can always have it sit in a cool dry area.

What is the open time for 2P10?

For medium, thick and jel adhesives, give it 1/2 hour before it starts to harden. the jel’s open time tends to be longer because it is much thicker.

Is this comparable to the BSI C-A glue?

Yes, very similar I think. It looks like theirs is also a cyanoacrylate glue with differing possible thicknesses for different applications and with an available accelerator. I do not see where they list their percentage of CA in the mix, their bond strength, or cure times, so I don’t know exactly how similar. Ours has a 10 second set time and 30 second cure time. Ours cures at 4000 psi in both tensile and shear. Our CA is triple distilled – that means it has FAR fewer impurities than the average CA glue and does not require preservatives to stabilize it, meaning its more actual adhesive per gram. So the same size dot of ours goes further than most competitors. I cannot speak to BSI’s comparative purity, as I don’t see this info on their site (in my quick glance at it – it may be there).

Can 2P-10 Adhesive bond wood with plastic?

2p-10 can be used to bond wood and plastic with no problem. Care needs to be used with the Activator though. The Activator can cause certain plastics to discolor. 2p-10 does not need the Activator to work and in most cases where plastic is being glued, we recommend skipping the Activator.

Is using glue on both pieces of wood stronger than only one side?

It only needs to be applied to 1 side; it will wet out both sides as long as you put enough on the 1 side. It can help to do both sides if the wood is very porous, but not necessary.

Why is it so expensive to ship the glue in overseas?

It is very difficult to ship the Activator overseas. It needs to have a special certification and It can only be sent via a ship (can’t use UPS, FedEx, etc) because the activator is ORM-D.


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